What’s this about?

‘Unravelling India’ is my creative outlet for explorations into India’s present and past. My interests revolve around different themes in the development sector, whether it be environment, rural development, the economy, health, education, social & economic inequality, open data, transparency, democracy etc.
Posts on this site will be related to these themes, at times voicing my thoughts on issues while other times seeking to “make open” as much data as possible.
Write to me at craigds022@gmail.com to share feedback/collaborate.
Much of the work will highlight FOSS technologies (QGIS, Leaflet, R, Python to name a few) and if that is your area of interest do follow.

I tweet occasionally @unravelling_in and @dsouza_craig
Check out data and code I compile on my Github account. Some of the data at Github will also be made available directly via this website.